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January - February 2021

Digital Transformation

With 2020 came one of the most unplanned reasons for global economies to rethink their strategies and chart better courses. With the reduction in physical activity, customer focus shifted to businesses that could provide solutions remotely. With this came the need for African entrepreneurs to embrace digital transformation as the way forward.

What does digital transformation really mean for African businesses? What are the ripple effects of technology on daily activities? Our goal with this edition is to lay the blueprint so you can proactively embrace digital transformation as the next big step to total recovery.

In the next few pages, you will see the stories of digital transformers who are continuously creating solutions to help business thrive. From the use of artificial intelligence to make business decisions, to digitizing access and improving lifestyles through the power fintech, we hope that what you learn will set the benchmark for achieving a sustainable future.

- Lanre Solarin

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