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ClickUp: Seamless Team and Tasks Management For Startups

If there is one thing that is core to the success of any remote team, It's collaborating effectively.

To achieve this, remote teams need to leverage specific tools.

However, many startup teams have to switch between several collaboration tools to meet their goals. Because of this, it becomes quite difficult to sync tasks between teams.

Founders eventually have to spend more money paying for different tools.

One tool that currently makes workflows, project management, and all types of collaboration seamless is ClickUp.

With ClickUp, startups can organize ideas, workflows, and tasks in one shared place. It covers product roadmap, goal tracking, and team management all at once.

We have partnered with ClickUp so that startups in our community can leverage this tool to collaborate effectively and reduce runaway costs.

We had a chat with Lauren Rambo, Manager of Startups Program at ClickUp on how the company aids collaboration, especially for remote teams.

1. What are the Key features on ClickUp that every remote team should be leveraging to achieve their goals?

ClickUp's Everything view makes it easy to find anything you're looking for, no matter where it lives. It's more important when you're a remote team working on lots of different things!

ClickUp Everything View

2. How does ClickUp make cross-functional collaboration easy?

My favorite cross-functional collaboration feature is Comments. You can send and reply to comments on any task with any person in your workspace and add attachments.

ClickUp Comment Feature

3. How does ClickUp decide what new features to introduce and how do users influence this?

We love customer feedback! We use canny to review customer feature requests.

4. What inspired the release of ClickUp whiteboard and what's the impact of visual collaboration on remote teams?

Collaboration requires more than just a physical place to meet and brainstorm ideas. Teams need to be able to turn thoughts into action without the use of too many tools. ClickUp Whiteboards solves this challenge.

ClickUp Whiteboard Feature

5. Did ClickUp team have 'team collaboration’ in mind from the inception, or did this come up after launch?

Great question! It was built as an internal tool to save time for ClickUp's original founding team. So yes, from the very beginning ClickUp has been a team collaboration tool.

6. Are there features on ClickUp that particularly help to promote good and healthy company culture for remote teams?

We help build a culture of transparency, openness, and accountability to solve silos by having all your work in one place.

7. What final advice will you give to remote teams collaborating with ClickUp?

My personal tip: try to clear your notifications every day!

Use ClickUp For Collaboration Through The Spark

Our partnership with ClickUp allows startups in our community to get;

•$3000 in ClickUp credits for an upgraded workspace

• Office hours with ClickUp experts

• Invites to exclusive events

Claim this perk now!

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