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Famasi+: Driving Productivity and Employee Loyalty In Startups

Startups are one of the top places where things happen so fast. To be on top of every situation, all employees need to bring their A-game always.

However, the best that every individual can do only happens when they are in their best health.

More so, your employees need to know that you care about them. That's one way to ensure employee loyalty.

Famasi is providing an easy way out for employers to show employees that they care with their service at 'Famasi+' or 'Famasi for Employees'.

Check out what they have shared with us regarding their motivation, plans, and strategy for startups.

Tell us more about Famasi+?

Famasi+ is a platform for Businesses (Employers & Providers) to offer their members last-mile delivery of medications, automated refills & access to remote monitoring to improve health outcomes.

Famasi+ is a way to extend Famasi's offerings to external parties with little or no effort from the Businesses.

The members enjoy Famasi without having to sign up directly or worry about duplicating Protected Health Information (PHI) on the internet.

In fact, a member doesn't necessarily have to know they're getting their medications from Famasi if the Provider/Payer doesn't want them to know.

What ignited the idea of launching Famasi for employers?

As a customer-centric organisation, Famasi for employers was borne from customer requests to access Famasi services through their employers.

We’ve also quickly learnt that the burden of medication management lies on the Patient, the Provider (often times Physician/health service provider), the Caregiver(a loved-one, who can also be the payer), and the Payer(Employer or HMO).

To build a Pharmacy that cares, we are building solutions to ease medication management for all the involved stakeholders.

How can startups leverage Famasi+ for employee productivity?

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to. - Richard Branson.

Startups are fast-paced environments that require resilience and passion. For employees, especially those who have recurrent medication needs, the constant worry of having to get their medications directly Impacts productivity & availability at work.

This means it’s important for employers to facilitate convenience for their employees to retain talent & reduce attrition. There’s a need to build employee loyalty programs into the culture and this is where Famasi+ comes in.

Startups can leverage Famasi+ to provide personalized care management for employees with recurrent medication needs.

The organisation only needs to sign up to use Famasi+ and they never have to worry about the employee being absent from work due to ill health or burning out from exhaustion.

Famasi+ caters to all recurrent medication needs on a 30-day cycle and provides ongoing remote monitoring as needed.

What is the future goal for Famasi+?

Our goal as an organisation is to facilitate convenience, access & support for medication management.

Ultimately, we’ll build a coordinated care ecosystem (of Patients, Payers & Providers) that offers end-to-end care management for Africans with recurrent medication needs.

What's your advice to founders who are looking to build employee loyalty?

Employees want to feel like their employers care for them. When you put in measures that make your employees' lives easier, they tend to feel more connected to the organisation & can be very efficient at their jobs.

In the end, this increases employee loyalty. One of the ways to achieve this is by prioritising their medication needs and Famasi is the best partner to help you achieve this.

Show your Employees Care with Famasi+

We have partnered with Famasi+ so that startups in our community can leverage their services to ensure employee productivity and loyalty.

Famasi+ is offering founders in our community free follow-ups, and discounted testing for employees when they subscribe to the Famasi+ Wellness or Special Care Plans.

Join The Spark Circle, our community of founders, and get a one-month-all-access pass to our asynchronous accelerator so you can claim this perk.

It's currently free to join.

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