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HeyCard: Making Every Dollar Count for Startups

At the early stage, when profit is yet to be made or your startup is operating pre-revenue, expenses are critical to track.

Trying to figure out the financial operations while you're building can be a nuisance.

Every dollar counts, which is why HeyCard is leading the charge in automating startup expense tracking and assisting you in managing your expenses.

Check out what they have shared with us regarding their motivation, plans, and strategy for startups.

Tell us more about HeyCard?

Heycard is a spend management platform for startups. Through the platform, startups can manage their expenses through different payment tools such as spend cards, payouts, robust reimbursement, and approval system for cash flow in and out of the business.

What ignited the idea of launching HeyCard?

Heycard was born out of the problem we faced when trying to manage our business expenses. We could not find a tool to help us with our monthly financial operations.

What are the features of HeyCard that founders should be particularly excited about?

Payouts: This is an automatic payment flow powered by bank transfer. It enables businesses to do more in terms of instant payment for salaries, bills, and so on.

Approval System: This helps founders to decentralize how money flows out of business for expenses. Founders can create rules and assign them to team members based on different criteria and money flows with those rules without hassle

What is the future goal for HeyCard?

The future goal of HeyCard is to become the Financial Operating House for Startups

Any words for founders hoping to find effective ways to manage their startup expenses?

Managing expenses is important, it helps you know how much you are spending monthly and be efficient, and Heycard does it well and better.

Manage Your Expenses With HeyCard Through The Spark

We have partnered with HeyCard so that founders in our community can conveniently track and manage their startup expenses.

HeyCard is offering founders in our community 3 months of free access to their platform! This means you will not be charged in the first three months.

Join The Spark Circle, our community of founders, and get a one-month-all-access pass to our asynchronous accelerator so you can claim this perk.

It's free to join!

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