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Introducing The Spark, the platform that enables entrepreneurs to succeed

We're excited to announce The Spark, an all-in-one platform that aggregates an array of resources to help underrepresented founders grow and succeed in business.

Founders of African, Caribbean and Black descent, which account for the youngest population around the world, launch thousands of new businesses every year, yet they are failing at very high rates because of access to growth resources.

But what if there was a platform where you could pitch investors, extend your runway by accessing discounts on essential business tools and services valued at over $1M, access learning resources, book sessions with mentors leading the best companies in the world and access a community of entrepreneurs across the globe?

This is where The Spark comes in.

The Spark is that infrastructure that would power the next generation of successful black-led businesses.

Currently available to founders in Nigeria and underrepresented founders in Canada, The Spark plans to expand to a wider audience in a few years.

Here is how it works:

1. You sign up, select a plan and subscribe.

2. On the dashboard, navigate to the service of your choice. E.g book a session with a mentor to talk through a problem area, redeem a partner credit to get access to a plethora of offers designed to help you navigate the startup journey or pitch to a VC.

As part of our mission to democratize opportunities for founders, we have partnered with Stitch, Bloc, Get Equity, Univelcity, Startup Edmonton and Africa Centre to offer a one-month all-access pass to the founders in their network and a subsequent 20% discount.

If you are a VC, Accelerator or a community with access to founders and would like to be a part of our mission, please reach out at communications [@]

Additionally, we are offering a 20% discount to our early users. Sign up using the discount code "SPRKN20" for NGN payment and "SPRKD20" for USD payment.


What is The Spark?

Our first product was a media platform which we used to inspire, connect and inform African startups, underrepresented founders and black-led businesses through different formats - magazine, podcast and masterclass.

Through insights from this product , our second product which we are launching today was birthed, an asynchronous accelerator that truly democratizes access to funding, mentorship, essential business tools and learning resources. But our ambitions lay way beyond that.

We want to increase the number of underrepresented founders succeeding in the digital economy.

Our ambition is to provide the necessary infrastructure that founders need to grow by building a collection of platforms, tools and network that will give underrepresented founders the resources and confidence to start, scale and sustain their businesses.

This is our next step towards this larger vision.

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