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Koboaccountant: Accounting services for startups

The foundation of your startup goes a long way to determine everything that your company is going to be - so you don't want to get things wrong, especially when it comes to finances.

We understand that this could be a difficult task as you'll have a lot of things going on and your focus would most likely be on product-market fit.

However, maintaining a healthy cash flow, handling payroll, paying taxes, and keeping track of your financial information is necessary for survival.

If you are new to accounting, you might find it intimidating and it can easily become a roadblock for your startup.

This is why we have partnered with Koboaccountant - a firm that is all out to make it easy for startups to be on top of their finances.

See what they have shared with us about their services, driving force, and goals.

Here we go!

Tell us more about Koboaccountant

Koboaccountant is an online accounting company, the first of its kind in Africa.

We are technology-oriented with a focus on helping people and businesses find a better way to grow their finances.

With an incredible zeal for technology and a passionate drive to exceed expectations, we have worked to deliver the best possible bookkeeping, accounting, and financial experience in small and medium businesses in Africa and globally.

As a leading global accounting firm, Koboaccountant services cover a wide range of professional needs such as;

● Outsourced/Remote Accounting Services.

● Financial Advisory and Management Consultancy,

● Corporate Restructuring and Business Start-ups Advisory

● Tax Planning and Consultancy

● Payroll management

● Research and Training

● Technology Consultancy

All our services are fully automated and delivered by professionally qualified staff.

What ignited the idea of Koboaccountant?

We believe that the key to unlocking Africa’s economic potential is in the SMEs’ ability to perform optimally and efficiently.

Our goal is to use numbers to help our partners; plan, strategize, and navigate the tough tides of entrepreneurship and consequently, build businesses that will propel Africa towards economic prosperity.

We see the need to make high-quality accounting accessible to business owners and to take away the burden of setting up and managing an Accounting Department.

Also, we wanted to create jobs for accountants and bring back dignity to the profession.

As a firm that provides quality accounting services for all businesses, what is your driving force?

Our driving force is simple but tenacious - we want to see our clients grow.

What is Koboaccountant's future goal?

At Koboaccountant, we want to continue to innovate, simplify, and make quality accounting/financial Services accessible to many more businesses.

What financial advice would you give to founders leading startups?

Your accounting starts before you even commence business operations.

Start with planning your financials (Set goals) and then move to monitoring performance; adherence to plan, identification of challenges (gaps), and continuous restrategizing & improvement with regards to your financial prosperity.

It's important that you are deliberate with your financial growth and financial management.

Do Accounting Right with Koboaccountant through The Spark

Have you had it all wrong with your business finance so far?

Are you ready to get things right and prepare your startup for growth?

Koboaccountant is offering founders at The Spark a 15% discount on their monthly packages and another 15% off other consulting services.

To grab this offer, sign up with us now.

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