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Norebase: Start, Operate, and Scale Across Africa With no Stress

Can you build a business from where you are and get it to scale across Africa? If you have always had this question in mind, then this blog post is your answer.

Our perk partner, Norebase, is your ticket to scaling your business across the 54 countries in Africa.

If you are wondering how this works despite the complexities of the African market, you should read on to see what Norebase has shared with us about their motivation, goals, and opportunities for you.

Let's dive in!

What Does Norebase Do?

Norebase is building a single digital platform for any individual or business to start, operate, and scale their business in any African country. We have created a single point from which you can register a company, get a bank account, get a virtual mailing address, and even register your trademarks in any African market. So now you can focus entirely on growing your business, while we get you set up in the markets that your customers are in.

The entire process is as easy as clicking here.

Why does this matter? Successful businesses known around the world today have one thing in common - access to a large market and predictable rules. So for Africa to have more wildly successful businesses, we need to be able to access the large African market.

So when you write in your pitch deck that “Africa has a market of 1.2 billion people and 3 trillion GDP”. Well, we have built a system that ensures that you can access that market of 1.2 billion people right from your mobile phone or laptop, by setting up in any of those countries.

Oh! Our latest Sweetener is you can now also set up a company in the US for as low as $380 from our platform.

As a digital platform that focuses on expanding African businesses, what is Norebase's driving force?

Our driving force is “Growth” & “Prosperity”; We believe that businesses can build remarkably fast if they can access larger markets. So we are enabling businesses to access larger markets so they can grow even faster.

Also, in a place where poverty is the biggest problem, creating wealth is the highest form of activism. Hence, we are providing the tools that empower entrepreneurs and innovators creating prosperity on the continent to scale their solutions to every part of the continent.

We are a TradeTech company powering access to markets in Africa.

Based on the unique solutions Norebase brings to businesses, what has been the greatest challenge so far?

The greatest challenge had to be learning the nuances of different markets, in a way that allows everyone to have access to the different countries in Africa.

In most cases, it is easy to solve access to market for one business. However, building the technology that allows everyone to seamlessly replicate such market access involves deploying some of the best legal engineers and software engineers on the continent. And that exactly is what makes Norebase special. We are solving market access at scale.

What is Norebase's future goal?

Norebase is designing a future where every business and individual can experience Africa as one single market. Where once anyone decides they want to get set up in any African market, the mechanics of operating in that market is just as easy as the decision.

We are continually building tools that progressively solve the problems that businesses face as they decide to build truly successful businesses operating at scale across Africa.

What's Norebase's final advice for businesses that would want to launch in a new African country?

Well, the most important advice you will ever hear is to use Norebase for launching in any African country.

You can do most things right from our platform, but also our operations team is able to support you with the peculiarities of the market, the best legal structure to employ, and how to navigate expansion for your industry.

Leverage Our Partnership with Norebase

Our partnership with Norebase is one that we are super excited about as our members can get up to $100 off Norebase services.

If you are looking to leverage this partnership and get your business to scale across Africa, Get started here!

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