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Springwoods LP: Holistic legal services for startups

Launching a startup comes with mixed feelings. Excitement on one hand and anxiety on another.

There is a tendency not to be able to handle a whole lot of things adequately because the team is small at that time.

So as a founder, you would most likely be choosing what you want to prioritize.

It could be quite tempting not to pay attention to legal matters especially if you find the vocabulary intimidating - most people do.

In the start, it could look like it's the best way to go. You could even assure yourself and your team that you will handle any issue as it comes.

However, ignoring legal matters have great consequences and makes your startup very vulnerable to failure.

It’s is something you must put in place from the beginning.

Springwoods Lp can help to create solid legal structures and provide bespoke legal solutions for your startup.

We have partnered with them so you can have access to these first-class legal services.

In this interview, you’ll get to see their motivation, their goals, and plans to help you get things right legally.

Springwoods LP can help to create solid legal structures and provide holistic legal solutions for your startup.

Springwoods LP is a full-service law firm that is focused on providing Strategic, Innovative, and Holistic legal solutions to its clients. We have offices in Lagos and Abuja Nigeria.

Our partnership has 6 partners who are sector experts in their different specialties across such sectors as dispute resolution, corporate & commercial law, data privacy, real estate, Tech, and finance.

Our expertise in these areas is complemented by our entrenched industry sector knowledge, giving us the edge to advise our clients in the true context of their respective industries.

As a firm that offers strategic, innovative, and holistic legal services to startups, what's your driving force?

We recognise that the world is rapidly evolving and technology is at the center of it. We have a commitment to move with such evolution and deliver critical legal advice in the tech space to ensure our clients move ahead and stay at the forefront in offering tech solutions.

We are leveraging technology and growth in sectors like the Tech Ecosystem. We are hoping to set the standards of law practice for a new generation.

We want to provide the best quality service we can and meet or exceed our client's expectations

What's Springwoods LP's future goal?

Our goal is to provide bespoke excellent service to our clients and to remain top of mind for legal transactions across Africa.

We hope to become Number 1 in legal service delivery in the nearest future.

From your experience with providing corporate and commercial legal services to startups, what are the most common legal mistakes startups are making?


A lot of startups do not understand the importance or the implication of the clauses in the agreements they sign.

I’ve seen clauses in agreements that would really create big problems as the company progresses and grows.

I believe that in the next few years companies would be involved in more disputes and regulatory challenges based on the agreements they enter into early in their years so I believe that these challenges can be avoided if companies paid more attention to the contracts they sign or if they can have legal advice.

I understand that these things may seem costly in the short term but I believe that the cost would come to bear in the longer term and it would be worth it.

What final advice does Springwoods LP have for businesses and startups?

Do things right from the beginning.

Do not overlook legal requirements. Because things that are not dealt with early may metamorphose into big destructive events down the road.

So as much as lies within you, do things correctly. Also, ask a lot of questions, in a multitude of counsel safety is found.

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