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Tabulio: Streamlining Hiring Processes for Startups

If you are building a tech or tech-enabled startup, then you should relate to how important getting competent technical talent is.

However, it may be difficult to find them and hire them on random social platforms that lack the needed features for tech talents to showcase their skills and expertise.

Tabulio is closing this gap!

With them, you can get the best tech talents on your team - individuals that have both the skill and the desire to see your startup grow.

Check out what they have shared with us about their motivations, strategies, and plans for startups.

Tell us more about Tabulio?

Tabulio is a social networking platform for technical talents where they can showcase their work, connect with employers, and socialize with other creatives.

We have thousands of technical talents with diverse skill-set and different experience levels on our platform. Check out Tabulio.

Our Tabulio Space recruitment platform is where companies and recruiters get instant access to the thousands of technical talents on our platform.

Hiring firms can list their job openings, carry out proper talent profiling, and get instantly connected to the right talent for their openings. Check out Tabulio Space.

What ignited the idea of launching Tabulio and how has the journey been?

We set out to create a platform where technical talents can showcase their skills and connect with career possibilities after firsthand understanding some of the challenges faced by tech talents in accessing global opportunities.

We place a great emphasis on technological knowledge and proficiency.

The journey so far has been very overwhelmingly impressive.

From initially conceiving the idea and building the first prototype shortly after in July 2019, releasing our main platform in December 2021, to releasing Tabulio Space some months ago.

It’s been challenging and exciting at the same time.

How can Tabulio particularly help underrepresented founders?

One of the main reasons why startups fail is a lack of access to the right technical talents, we are making this a thing of the past.

If you have an open role today, check out our talent pool or list the opening on Tabulio Space, you will get connected to the right person in record time.

What are the features on Tabulio that founders should be excited about?

Talent Pool: Founders can easily access a large directory of technical talents and find the best for their company based on their skill set, experience level, or ability to solve problems.

This way, they can easily by-pass the traditional recruitment process and find the right people for their team.

Recruitment board: Navigating through a long list of interested applicants for an open role and difficulties streamlining the hiring process are easily sorted out on Tabulio Space.

You can track, monitor, and manage your recruitment process across different stages seamlessly.

Messaging: By accessing a centralized inbox, the communication channel between potential hires and the company is open.

Founders can keep candidates up to date at each stage of the process, effortlessly.

What is the future goal for Tabulio?

The ultimate goal for Tabulio is to be the best platform for technical talent of all skill and experience levels.

We are building an ecosystem of products to connect them with opportunities, learn, earn and become the best at what they do.

What's that thing you wish you could tell all startup founders?

Being consistent and goal-driven goes a long way when it comes to being a startup founder.

In addition to this, you should grow your network, ask for feedback from people regularly, delegate some duties to others, and most importantly, don’t stop believing in yourself.

Tabulio Resources:

Check out these demo videos showing how to make the best use of Tabulio Space. It demonstrates how to:

  • Sign up and verify your company

  • Hire from our Talent Pool

  • Manage your recruitment process

  • Post a job

Hire The Best Talents With Tabulio Through The Spark

We have partnered with Tabulio so that founders in our community can have access to recruit the highly skilled talents they need to start, grow, and scale.

Tabulio is offering founders in our community 3 months of free access!

Join The Spark Circle, our community of founders, and get a one-month-all-access pass to our asynchronous accelerator so you can claim this perk.

It's currently free to join!

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